Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Susan and Beau. 2nd level Dressage Championships. 63% USDF Regional Ch...

"Show Results. USDF Region 1 2nd level AA Championships with Susan and Beau. 63% 8th Place"

We went into the 2nd level AA Championships not sure what would happen. This was Susan and Beau's 6th show at that level and they were competingagainst the Region 1 top 2nd level riders. When the top 8 winners were announced their 63% score put them in the top 8 riders! Of course, being in the winners circle is always fun, but... we were not sure how Beau would react in the victory lap. Last year he was not thrilled with what was happening and Susan had to dismount as he got a little unsafe. This time, Beau was the perfect gentleman. (Whew!!) Congratulations to Susan and Beau.