Monday, October 20, 2014

Trot Connecting from back to front. Rounding up, in front of the aids....

"Have you wondered what people mean when they say they are "asking their horse to step up from the back end into the connection of the rein?"  Now you can watch it happen at the trot"

Now it is time for Susan to connect Beau even more at the trot.  We spent several months going back to the basics and now are ready to re balance him at a different level.  He is moving forward from behind and has excepted a following rein.  The time has come to ask him to connect even more.  We want him to step up into a more uphill balance and self carriage. This is the 2nd week that we have focused on this. Watch how Beau begins to change his balance and movement as a result.

Did you see Beau changing?