Monday, October 13, 2014

Trot Warm up. Finally! Packaging and connecting Beau. Dressage training

"Packaging a horse, rounding a horse up, connecting your horse, getting your horse on the aids.. there are so many terms for what these phrases mean to different riders."

It's time to start getting picky with Beau.  This was filmed two weeks before the USDF Regional's and we need to focus on the connection and balance that he needs for competing.  Susan has how shortened the length of her rein and is asking Beau to step up more into that connection and balance at the trot.  Now you can see how Beau's balance changes as Susan asks him to round up, package, balance, engage, come through, get on the aids, keep your horse under your seat, or what ever you might call it) 

What do you see changing as Beau get's more connected?