Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Susan and Darrien USDF Region 1Intermediate 1 AA Championship 62+% 3r...

"Region 1 Dressage Champions. Susan and Darrien earn 3rd place at Intermediate 1!"

This is Susan's ride with Darrien at the 2014 Region 1 Dressage Championships. Darrien is now much more relaxed in the show ring and with what is happening in his training. They placed 3rd with a score of 62+% (the winning ride was 5 points higher). Those who have been following this team's progress know how much Darrien has changed this past year as Susan has worked him through so many issues. At the end of this test you will see where they lost the most points. Darrien flipped his head coming down the center line for the final halt and salute. Other than that, this is their best test yet.