Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Can You Keep Your Horse on the Outside Rein and Leg at the Trot?" Trai...

"Would you like to watch the process we use to connect a horse to the outside rein and leg at the trot? Now you can go back in time and see what these riders did to teach their horses what it means"

This was when Susan and Beau and Trudy and Ani were still working their horses at training level. The time had come where we were able to ask the horses to stay more connected from side to side. This is when most riders start focusing on what they need to do to keep their horse balanced between their legs and reins by keeping them lightly balanced against their outside rein and leg. This is not as easy as it looks. Those who have been watching these horses and riders have seen a lot of changes since this video was filmed.

What did you learn from watching what they are doing in this session? Does it help you to understand the outside rein and leg better?