Friday, October 17, 2014

Canter. Collection, rounding up, balancing, packaging, in front of the a...

"Row, row row your boat (or horse). Connecting at the canter. Can you keep your horse balanced? How can you tell?"

What can you learn from an upper level dressage horse? A lot! Susan has now had Darrien a year and he continues to get better every week. In this session we focus on Darrien's canters. Now his back is up (collection, rounding up, packaging, coming through...) most of the time which is a huge change from even a month ago. He is also much more relaxed. In this session we are working on all of the movements he needs for Intermediate 1. However, everything we do can be applied to what ever you are doing with your horses canter. For example, focusing on keeping their weight balanced on the inside hind, keeping an uphill balance, and of course, keeping the horse connected.
What did you see in this video that you are going to try on your horse?