Thursday, September 18, 2014

Warm Up Canter Week 7 " Back to the Basics" Susan and Darrien. Dressage

"Have you ever tried to keep your horses back up in the warm up canter?  If so, you know how hard that can be. Watch what this rider does to warm up her horse"

Susan and Darrien make this warm up canter look a lot easier than it is.You will notice we do a lot of changes in movements and patterns.  I think this makes the process more interesting and fun both the horse and the rider.  What are you doing in your canter warm up?  Is your horses back up? 

 Those who have been following this "Back to the Basics" series have seen some pretty big changes in both Susan and Darrien.  Now you can see what we do in week 7 for our canter warm up.