Thursday, September 25, 2014

Connecting from the back to the front. Trot, canter, Week 7 "Back to th...

"What can you do.... to know if your horse is really staying connected with you at the trot and canter? Check out what we are doing with Darrien"

Those who have been following the progress of Susan and Darrien have seen some big changes these past weeks. Now, Darrien is much more relaxed mentally. He is stepping up more from behind (engaging) and is accepting Susan's contact with the reins. As a result, Darrien is starting to stay more connected and "rounder" in his balance. This is the 2nd week that he has been lifting his back.

This is the last video from the "Back to the Basics" series. The horses have all made very nice changes and now it is time to get them ready to compete again. It is time to bring everything they have been doing together so we can "package" them. Some people call this rounding up, others connecting, others engaging... the words all mean the same. Stay tuned as the changes that have happened since this video are awesome!

Can you see the difference in Susan and Darrien since we took them back to the basics?