Monday, September 15, 2014

Transitions. Canter halt, trot halts. Back to the basics. Week 6. Susan...

"Have you tried canter halt, or trot halt transitions yet? What can you do to improve them? Now you can watch as we teach an older horse how to do them more elegantly"

We have made it!  This is week 6 of "Back to the Basics" and the changes in Darrien are remarkable.  We are now schooling him in a snaffle bit and are excited as this (at the time of the filming) is the 2nd week that Darrien has been finally lifting his back in the movements. This is a sign that he is shifting back on his haunches and lifting his shoulders. 

Now that we are preparing to return to competition it is time to focus on the transitions that Susan and Darrien will need to compete. This includes the canter halts and trot halts. Even though Darrien is not as connected as he will be, the changes in what he is now doing are exciting for us to watch. 

What did you learn about the transitions you have been doing with your horse?  Are you going to try anything new with them after watching this video?