Thursday, September 11, 2014

Backing. Going back to the basics. Working through the issues. Dressag...

"What if your horse has issues backing. What can you do to help them understand what you want them to do? Watch as we take this older horse back to the basics"

This is Susan and Darrien, her new horse. In this session we focus on improving how he is backing. At the level he is competing, he trots into a halt, backs up, and trots out again. Darrien is not sure about backing and you will see some of his issues come up as we practice a new way to back him. His tendency is to drop his nose to his chest, hollow his back and almost defensibly, move quickly backwards and sideways while dragging his front feet. Our goal is to have him relax first, than to step back in balance. As you can see, we are still schooling Darrien in the snaffle bit instead of his usual double bridle. We choose to do this so we could take him back to the basics.

How is your horse backing? Did you learn anything new that you can do with your horse after watching what we are doing with Darrien?