Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Canter Adding the activity with curves and circles Dressage tips

"Do you feel like you might never get your horse to balance right at the canter? You are not alone. Watch how we add curves and circles to make a difference in how Beau is cantering"

The canter can be such a tricky gait for rider's. Especially those who ride their horses in balance. In this session you can watch what I do with Susan and Beau. Now that they are ready to compete in the USDF Dressage Regional's (a few weeks after this filming) it is time to get Beau into a better balance. The balance that he needs to do for the 2nd level dressage tests requires that he be able to adjust his canter from a collected to a medium and counter canter. It is time for Beau to shift his weight back even more than he has before while he stays active with his hind feet. (Beau prefers not to be active...) To do this, we add curves and circles. Now you can watch to see how much Beau changes as a result.
How is your horses canter? Are you ready to add curves and circles to make it better?