Saturday, September 20, 2014

Packaging. Walk trot. Keeping a horse round, and in front of the aids. ...

“This is a “Sneak Preview” of the next Horse and Rider Series. It will be on “Getting a horse on the aids. How to package your horse” 

These past few weeks, we have been focusing on the “Back to the Basics” series. We have seen big changes in all the horses. Do you remember when we first put Darrien in the snaffle (instead of his usual double bridle) His nose was higher than his poll those first few weeks. Now, as you will see even in this video, we continue to school him in snaffle. What a difference!

We are now preparing Susan’s horses for the USDF Regional Finals that are coming up. For competition, they need to be more connected. There are many terms that horse people use for what this means. Some people say this is when a horse is “in front of the rider’s aids,” others call it “rounding a horse up, others ‘packaging a horse”. We have never really asked either of her horses to stay more connected before the week of this filming and you can see what we are doing.

I hope you have been enjoying the “Back to the Basics” series. Have you been practicing these techniques on your horse?