Friday, September 5, 2014

Canter. Balancing a young horse for the first time. #2 Left lead. Dressa...

"What if... you have come to a point in your horse's training where you know it is time to balance them more in the canter. What should you do? Now you can watch what this rider is doing.

Cantering a horse and keeping it in balance is not as easy as some riders make it look. The change from a "green horse canter" where the horse canters merrily along at what ever balance and speed the horse is doing, into a balanced, connected trot is a big step to take.. Many riders (especially the non professionals) find that they start breathing heavy as doing this takes a lot of focus and energy. Now you can watch as Trudy asks Ani to canter while staying more connected.

Can you see the changes happening in Ani's canter? Are you ready to try this with your horse?