Monday, September 29, 2014

Trot Keeping horse on inside hind. Shoulder in into 6 meter circle #2 D...

"Have you always wanted to ride a shoulder in and were not sure how? Now you can watch as we use circles to improve what Beau is doing with them at the trot" Part 2

This is Susan on Beau. In this session we focus on keeping Beau's weightover his inside hind at the trot. To do this we are using the shoulder in and shoulder fore by riding 6 or 8 meter circles that isolate the feeling of the bringing the horse's shoulders over so that Susan can feel when Beau's weight is on the inside hind. Once Susan has that feeling, she asks Beau to step up more with his back feet. Watch how much his balance and movement improve!

Have you tried riding your horse in a shoulder in yet? Can you see how using circles and curves can make a difference in how you are riding them?