Thursday, September 4, 2014

Canter. Balancing a young horse for the first time. Keeping the connec...

"Are you ready to balance your horse at the canter?  Watch what happens as this rider and horse go into a better balance and connection in the canter for the first time"

Those who ride their horses in balance all go through this stage of training.  They finally get to where they are ready to balance their horses at the canter instead of allowing them to canter merrily along at what ever balance they want.  It is a big change and many riders (especially the non professionals)  find that they start breathing heavy as doing this takes a lot of focus and energy. Now you can watch as Trudy asks Ani to canter while staying connected.  When Ani gets disconnected or is cantering too fast, Trudy asks her to go into a curve so that Ani reconnects with her in a better balance.  

Can you see the changes happening in Ani's canter?  Are you ready to try this with your horse?