Friday, September 4, 2015

Warming up with the Steps to Connection. S4 Riding instruction

What if... you could finally understand what is meant by warming a horse up in connection?  Is this even possible?  Watch what Trudy does with Ani in this warm up at the walk"

Try this as you are riding your horse this week.  When you warm up, test your skills and how your horse is listening to your aids by asking them to connect with you as soon as you start riding.  This may be new to you or your horse (as it is with Ani) but as you can see,  Trudy was able to do it this day.  We continue with this series in the walk and canter work so you can see how this might work for your horse or students.  

This was a big change for Ani as in the past Trudy would spend most of the warm up on a long or loose rein.  Now they are moving up a level and playing with the concept of connecting sooner.  Have you tried this yet?