Sunday, September 13, 2015

Connecting in the warm up trot. A new level of training. S4 horses

"Are you ready to ask your horse to connect more with you in the warm up trot?  It's a big step for anyone and now you can see what Trudy is doing with Ani to bring her to a new level of connection even in the warm up"

Who would have thought we would ever have been able to do this with Melody?  This was such a break through for Trudy to able to keep Melody relaxed even in the warm up!  She sure does not look like a hot nervous horse.  As you will see we do a lot of changes in our warm ups with different exercises.  Our goal is simple  To keep Melody connected between Trudy's legs and reins from back to front and from side to side.  

Are you ready to warm up your horse differently?  What did you  learn from watching what Trudy is doing with Melody now?