Thursday, September 3, 2015

Adjusting your horses balance and connection with Cavaletti #2 S4 Ridin...

"Wow! Breakthrough session. It has been a while since we have used Cavalletti (ground poles) with Susan's horses. Watch the amazing changes that happen with Beau in this session!"

It is always good to keep changing what we are doing with the training process.  This makes everything more interesting for both the horse and the rider.  On this day, when I asked Susan what she wanted to focus on she said "adjustablity"  As soon as she said that I knew what we needed to do.  Cavalletti and ground poles. If you decide this is for you (just say yes)  you are going to feel like you cannot ride at first.  You will probably not be able to keep the rein connection at all as you will discover your hands have not been as steady as you thought.  You might also find that it is very hard to keep your horse "under your seat" and connected.  That is what makes this technique so amazing as it will help you to fill in some of the "missing links" of what you are doing in your riding.  Now you can watch the amazing changes that happen as Susan rides Beau through the poles.  Their balance and connection go to a new level!  Yippee! Of course, Susan makes this look easier than it is.  

Have you used ground poles or cavalletti in your training program yet?  Can you see the changes that happened with Susan and Beau?

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