Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hot nervous horse. Asking for connection in the Warm up walk. S4 Horse...

"What are you doing in your warm up? Would you like to see how we connect a hot, nervous horse in the warm up walk? As you will see, our goal is simple.  It's all about the connection and finding it as soon as possible"

The warm up is such an important part of your training process.  Of course, first you do want to warm your horses body up.  Than it's time to "warm up" their brains and how they are reacting to your aids.  In this video Trudy has taken Melody to a new level of connection as soon as she could.  Now, Trudy is asking Melody to soften her jaw to the rein influence and to step up into that connection from behind (as a result of Trudy asking her to step up) You will also see how we add leg yields and curves to help a horse understand how to stay on the outside rein and leg.

What do you do when you warm up your horse?  Do you have a plan? Have you ever tried connecting with them sooner to see how they might respond?