Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Canter. What are you doing with your hands? Where should they be?

"What if... you really have a feeling that it is time to ride your horse in more of a connection at the canter. You know, the kind where you feel that your horse is staying soft to the reins and is "balanced" somewhat between your leg and rein aids. Now you can learn the Secret of the Trainers. It's all about your riding position!"

Trudy has brought Ani a long way in her training. This is their warm up canter and on this day Trudy asked me to isolate what she is doing to keep Ani connected. Before this week Trudy had been working on this but now she is feeling serious about asking Ani to stay softer to the rein connection at the canter. Its a big step and now you can watch how important Trudy's riding position and length of rein is to that process.

What did you learn from watching this Horse and Rider Awareness video? Are you ready to ask your horse to stay more connected at the canter yet? Please share your feedback as we love to hear what is happening in your training process and how these videos are making a difference for you.