Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The bend from behind the saddle. How you can feel it! Trot. S4 Riding i...

"Finally... the mysteries of the correct bend in your horse revealed!  Now, you can see and understand what is meant by having the right "bend" from behind the saddle"  

If you are like many riders you enjoy doing different things with your horse. In this session (4 videos) you will see a big change in Beau's movement. He went to a new level of balance and connection! All we did was take the time to focus on if he was really bending from behind the saddle in the curves and lateral work. It sounds easier than it might be. Now you can watch the process we are using and apply it to what you are doing with your horse.

Is your horse "bending" behind the saddle?  Can you feel it picking up your inside leg/seatbone when you practice your lateral movements? Are you ready to try this on your horse?  Let us know how it works for you and stay tuned as there are 7 videos in this series (2 horses) that you can watch to see the amazing changes that are happening with Susan's horses.