Friday, September 25, 2015

A NEW Trot! Bend behind for shoulder in, half pass trot. Retraining a Schoolmaster

"A NEW trot for Darrien!  What an exciting time this has been. Finally...  Darrien is allowing Susan to ride him in a different balance and connection at the trots.  Check out how what they are doing now"

Sometimes we wonder if our horses will ever move up to the next level.  It does take time that is for sure.  The good news is that you have been able to watch the training progress of our featured riders and their horses and can see the possibilities of what can happen with horses with issues and non professional riders. In this session we continue our focus on the "bend from behind the saddle" and have added the feeling of what Darriens trot could feel like by asking him to trot over the ground poles.  What is most exciting for us is that now Darrien is breathing most of the time (instead of holding his breath) and is using his back much better.  In fact now he is starting to swing more from his shoulders and hips which has created a new movement in his trot.

Can you see how "lofty" Darrien's trot is becoming as he gets more comfortable using his back?  This is a new movement for him that has never been shown before even in his past.  Who would have thought an older horse could learn a new way of moving like this?