Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bending from behind. Pirouettes/half pass to WOW a new walk #1 S4 Dressa...

"Would you like to improve your turns on the haunches, walk pirouettes, shoulder in's or half pass?  If so, this might be exactly what you need to watch.  This is a break through session where Susan shows Beau how to "sit down" more from behind as he also keeps the right bend from in front and behind.  Now you can watch the process we are using (a part of our bending from behind series)  and at the end, see Beau's new walk that happened as a result"

Have you always want to know what is meant by  asking a horse to "sit down more" or have more "engagement from behind"  Now you can watch as Susan asks Beau to balance in new ways so that he can take longer steps and stay balanced over his hindquarters in the lateral movements.  When we "cool down" at the end, Beau offers us a new walk!  It is so exciting to watch the progress they are making.  Stay tuned as I will share the final video of Susan and Beau focusing on the "bend behind the saddle" tomorrow.

Can you see what happens as Susan balances Beau for the lateral movements?  Is your horse bending behind the saddle yet?  (not for green horses)