Saturday, June 20, 2015

Shoulder in half pass. Looking between the ears adding activity. Dressa...

"The shoulder in and the beginnings of half pass. What is the correct bend and how can I keep my horse active from behind?"

The shoulder in and half pass are basically the same. The difference is that in the half pass the horse moves across the diagonal. Many riders find that moving up into these movements challenging as the horse they are riding is not sure what the rider wants them to do. At first, the horse may twist all over the place and take shorter steps. This is normal. In this video you can watch what Susan is doing with Beau to make sure he has the right bend and activity. We even started asking for the half pass for the 2nd time.

Does it help you to watch other riders learning how to train their horses through these different movements? Are you ready to try this on your horse?