Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Is your horse softening to the rein connection in its jaw? The poll? S4 ...

"Would you like to know what is really meant by keeping your horse supple (soft to your rein connection) at the walk? Now you can watch what I do with Trudy as I break down each step of the process, including what to do to keep a horses poll up and how to see the if your horse has the correct bend (from in the saddle) in the front of the horse. 

 If you are like most riders you are not sure what it means when someone says that their horse is not softening to the bit at the jaw.  Which means that the horse (or the rider) is bracing at some level and is a normal part of the training process.  Now you can watch how I use the Steps to Connection to show Trudy where any blockages might be.  We also focus on where Ani's poll is.  Many times, when you first take up the rein connection the horse will either throw its nose up, or bring it to its chest.  Again, this is part of the training process and your goal is to show the horse where you would like their head to stay positioned.

We really love to here your feedback as you practice these Horse and Rider Awareness techniques.  Please let us know how the Steps to Connection are making a difference for you.