Sunday, June 21, 2015

Canter. Counter canter. On contact/on the aids. Adding activity . S4 Rid...

"What if... your horse is still unbalanced in its counter canter.  In fact, what if.. your horse simply is not balanced at the canter like you think it should be?  What do you need to know to find that happy place where they should be?"

Now you can watch Susan as she focuses on improving Beau's canter, counter canters and collected canter.  It has taken us a few years to get Beau to this point in his training, but now he is starting to understand what we want and in fact, is starting to enjoy the process.  To get your horse to that level of connection all you need to do is practice the Steps to Connection and of course, a little time.  The weekend after this video was filmed Susan and Beau competed at a dressage show under "S" judges and earned their 1st 7.5s in their counter canter.  We were thrilled!

Is your horse connected to you at the canter? We love to hear your feedback.  What did you you learn from this video that you are going to try on your horse?