Monday, June 8, 2015

Canter. Hot nervous horse. Can you stay connected?

“Do you sometimes feel that keeping your horse connected at the canter. Is this even possible? It has taken us several years to get Melody to start staying relaxed and connected at the canter. Finally she is somewhat relaxed and is letting Trudy keep her balanced between her leg aids and the contact of the bit”

Of course, some people think this part of the process should be smooth and elegant. It is not. When we ask a horse to connect like this they need to get comfortable with the pressure of the bit in the front and the rider asking them to step into that contact from their legs. How confusing that must be. Yet, somehow both the horse and rider are able to discover a common language and connect and balance together. In the beginning it might be just one step, or maybe two. Melody can now hold it for about 5 steps.

What is your horse doing in the canter? Is it really connected?