Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hot Nervous horse. Trot. Why you need Half halts, and the Steps to Conne...

"What if you have a horse that is either hot and nervous, or just plain hard to keep focused?  It's time to isolate what you are doing with your half halts and to make sure your horse is supple and listening to your aids (Steps to Connection) Watch what happens as I break down the the steps for Trudy and Ani in the warm up trot"

Staying connected (for those who like to ride that way) can seem like such a magical and yet, seemingly impossible goal for so many riders.  That is, until they finally understand how it works.  Once a rider "gets it" they wonder how they ever rode before.  In this session you will see how connecting a horse and rider with the half halts and Steps to Connection can make a difference, even in the warm up trot, with a hot nervous horse. (even though Melody is not looking looking so hot or nervous these days as Trudy is doing an awesome job with her training!)