Sunday, June 28, 2015

Activity. Do the judges say you need more? Lateral work and beyond. S4 D...

"We have all had judges comment. Horse needs more contact or needs more activity. What does that mean? Basically, it's all about the horses activity from behind. But what does that mean? Watch this video and you will have a better understanding as we add more activity to Beau's lateral work"

There is a magical place, for those who ride a horse that is connected and in balance, where something happens. The horse becomes lighter to our aids and willing responds. Of course, this does take a little practice and, as in the case of many horses, may take a few years. Now you can watch the changes in Beau as Susan asks him to step up with more activity from behind so that they are more connected in the trot and the lateral movements in it.  The bending technique came from Carl Hester World Champion Dressage Trainer of Charlotte Dujardin.  I have been experimenting with the bending technique these past few weeks and find it is easy for riders to understand and apply to what they are doing in their riding.

Can you see it happening? Are you ready to try this on your horse? Let us know how it works for you.