Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hot nervous horse. Connecting at the Canter. Half halts. Supplying

"Dream the impossible dreams...that is what some of us feel about getting our horses to do some things.  Melody is a hot and nervous horse that had a lot of issues to work through.  It has taken us years to get her to relax.  Now,  it is time Trudy to keep her connected in the warm up canter'

Those who have followed the progress of Trudy and Melody know how much time we have spent getting Melody to feel safe and as relaxed as possible.  Finally, this year, Melody has started to almost enjoy the riding process and is letting Trudy ask her to stay more connected.  Some people have even commented on the videos that Melody looks like a pleasure to ride!  Who would have thought?

Now you can watch what we do as we continue working through Melody's issues.  Sometimes she is not sure why we are doing what we are doing, but she is willing to try!   How has watching Trudy and Melody made a difference in your training or riding skills?