Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Stretchy Walk. Can you stay connected after not riding for a few mon...

"New"  What are just starting to teach your horse the stretchy walk?  This could be new to the horse or rider, or simply, as in this video, after the horse has had time off due to a long winter. Where should you start and how much should you expect?"

Trudy has not been able to ride for at least 6 weeks.  Now that the weather is better, she is back in the saddle. We have now warmed up at the walk and trot (we will not canter until next week) and are now using the stretchy walk to check where Ani is. Since both of them have had so much time off their muscles are not as toned as they were before. We start our stretches by making sure that Ani i listening to Trudy's half halts and also add the Steps to Connection to keep her back and shoulders up.  As you will see, Ani is willing and able to give us a few "mini" stretches that we were very happy with.  By the end of this short session, Trudy legs were cramping which might also happen to you when you return to riding. In the next session we move up into the stretchy trot.

Have you checked the quality of your horses stretches lately?  Can they keep connected as you do them?