Saturday, March 14, 2015

Magic Square at the Walk. #1 Balancing a horse between the riders legs a...

"Teaching a rider how to balance a horse between their rein and legs for the first time"

This is Camille Beatty and Polo practicing how to stay more connected with the "Magic Square" For this exercise, we are using the a circle type of pattern. It is almost like a figure 8 of sorts. Watch what happens as Camille Beatty begins to understand how to use her legs and reins more effectively to influence Polo as she goes through the process. At first, they wobble all over. This is a great exercise for coaching riders, or for teaching yourself... how to use your legs and reins. Somehow, the pattern allows the rider to feel what they are doing in ways that are simply amazing. Now you can watch how it works with a rider who is doing this for the first time.