Thursday, March 26, 2015

Half Halts and Mini Stretches to connect with a hot or nervous horse. S4...

"Is your horse a little hot blooded or seems nervous most of the time? You are not alone. Melody has a history of being complicated. Now you can see what Trudy does to keep Melody more connected"

We were not sure how this day would go as Trudy has not been able to ride for 6 weeks or so. As most of our fans know, Melody is a complicated horse and it is hard to keep her attention so we were not sure what would happen. So back to basics we went. Before this winter came we had finally reached the point where Melody was allowing Trudy to keep her somewhat balanced and on the aids. We were thrilled when we were able to go back to where we left off and build up on that foundation. Now you can see what Trudy is doing with half halts and mini stretches at the walk and walk trot transitions to keep Melody focused.

Of course, this will work with any horse. Try this with yours this week and tell us how it works with your horse.