Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Connecting a hot/nervous horse with half halts. Final trot. S4. riding i...

Sometimes... even with a hot or nervous horse, you have a good day. We never know what might happen with Melody, but this was the best day she has given to us yet"

This is our final session for the day. Melody has never been this responsive and is listening to both Trudy's half halts and the Steps to Connection. Since Melody has not been ridden for at least 6 weeks we did not expect this at all. In fact, we had only worked with connecting Melody two times before this session and we were thrilled that she seemed to remember what we did. It will be interested to see if this is a new phase in Melody's training. We decided not to canter this day as this was enough of a mental and physical challenge for both of them.
How does it make you feel when your horse goes to a new level? Do you wonder if it will stay there? Personally I have found that the horse and rider will "bounce" back and forth between the new level and where they were for a bit. With correct riding and patience they both get comfortable at the new level and it becomes more consistent.