Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Half halts and Steps to Connection. Walk trots. After 6 weeks off. S4 ...

"NEW series! "Have you had to take time off from your riding because of the weather or other reasons?  Now you can watch as we focus on the bringing both the horse and rider back with half halts and the Steps to Connection at the walk and walk trot transitions" 

Now that we have warmed up at the walk, it is time to focus a little more on the transitions into the trot and a little trot. Trudy is focused on her half halts.  She is feeling them in her riding position and checking to make sure that Ani is responding to them.  Next, we add the Steps to Connection so that Ani is more connected and in a better balance.  We were thrilled with the results of this days sessions as we had only asked Ani to connect at this level two times before the winter came.  She remembered what we had done!  Now you can watch the process we use to bring them back. 

Even if you have not had to take time off, you will find that by applying these training techniques for your half halts and connecting with your horse will make a difference. Try them this week and let us know how they work for you!