Saturday, March 21, 2015

How half halts at the walk can keep a complicated or "hot" horse connect...

What if... you have one of those horses that is hard to keep connected? It might be a "hot" horse or just complicated.  Either way, that horse does not seem to want to stay connected. Watch what happens as we focus on making sure this horse is listening to the half halts"

Those who know Melody, know how far she has come in the past  years.  However, like any horse that is easily distracted she can be challenging at times. In this session we focus on Trudy keeping Melody connected with half halts and the Steps to Connection.  This is the third lesson where we have asked Melody to stay in this connection and balance. We were not sure what would happen as it has been 6 weeks since Trudy has been able to ride her.  The good news was that both Melody and Trudy picked up from where they were before!  Now you can watch what we did and see the results as Trudy became more aware of when Melody was staying connected and how to keep her there.

What did you learn from watching this video that you can use to keep your horse more connected?