Monday, January 5, 2015

Walk. Going to a new level of balance and connection for the first time!...

"The Great Mystery. You hear it... other horse people talk about "getting a horse on the aids" but what does it really mean? Would you like to see what happens when a horse and rider feel it for the first time?"

Getting a horse "on the aids" is also called connecting, rounding up, packing, engaging. What ever you call it, it is an amazing feeling when it happens. Of course first, you need to feel what it feels like. In this video you will see Trudy and Melody connecting at a new level. Since this connection and balance are new to both of them, they will find it and lose it many times before it becomes a habit. This was such a huge break through for Melody as she has always been such a tense horse. I was lucky to film this part of the training process as most people never see it happen. Now you can!