Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Everyone talks about riding a horse from their seat and legs, but what d...

This is Trudy Adams on Melody. Melody has a complicated past and find it difficult to connect with a rider or stay in balance (this is from S3 2013)  In this session we focused

 on the trot so that Trudy can become aware of  if Ani is "under her seat" while she is trotting. That is when Trudy is riding her from her seat and legs. To do this I ask Trudy to bring Ani's shoulders in when ever she feels her leaning on the reins or disconnecting. Next, we add the feeling of the leg yield to the circles so that Trudy has more control of Ani's hind legs. As a result, Ani's movement changes. Watch how Melody changes as Trudy becomes more aware of when she is connected to her seat and legs.