Friday, January 23, 2015

Trots. Connecting the back end to the front. The beginnings of "on the a...

"Moving to a new level of connection and balance. What
do you mean if have to shorten my reins and ask her to step up into that

In this session you will see how Trudy is balancing Ani at
the trot. This balance is new for Ani and these videos show the progress of a
horse moving from a training level balance to more of a 1st level. Ani is not
thrilled as Trudy has been riding her on a longer, looser rein. 
Once a horse (ridden in balance) is ready for the next step
in training it is time for the rider to take up more of a feel of the reins and
ask the horse to step up more from behind so it lifts its back and begins
"round up" or "go on the aids" It is a big step as the
horse needs to learn how to be submissive to the "frame" that we
create for it to balance.