Sunday, January 25, 2015

Riding Position. What are your thighs doing at the canter? S4 horses eq...

"Are you ready to improve your riding position? Now you can see what happens with Trudy as we isolate if she is keeping her thighs on at the canter"

It is so exciting to see our horses go to a new level!  Trudy is now asking Ani to stay more connected and in a better balance at the canter.  In the past, Ani has cantered like a "green horse" where as long as she went where we wanted her to go... we let her pick her speed and balance.  Now the time has come for Trudy to shorten the length of her reins and ask Ani to stay "on that contact".  This contact is really coming from Trudy using her leg aids to keep Ani connected to the reins.  As you will see, this is a big change for any horse and rider.  I am thrilled to have captured this part of the training process as it shows what will probably happen when a horse goes to this next level.

What did you learn from watching what Trudy is doing with Ani?  Is your horse ready for the next level?