Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Connecting at a new level with Metronome. Mini stretches and even rhythm...

"What if you have a gaited horse (or in fact any horse that does not seem to want to stay connected between your aids? Now you can watch how Marilyn rides with the metronome and adds mini stretches and the outside rein and leg to keep Shadow more connected" This is Part #1 of 2 Watch the changes!"

This is Marilyn Basset (USDF Bronze Medalist) riding Shadow a Walking horse cross with lateral gaits. (Pacey) This is our first session together. To isolate what Shadow is doing with his gaits (this works on any horse with uneven gaits) we add the metronome. We also focus on if Shadow is really softening to Marilyn's aids. Is he listening to her? Than we practice how the outside rein can be used to keep a horses balance and mini stretches on both reins. One of Marilyn's questions about Shadow is what to do when he leans on a rein. Now you can watch the process we use to keep a horse soft on the reins. Could you see the difference in how Marilyn is now able to communicate more clearly with Shadow? Did you see how he lifted his back and started moving better as a result?