Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Retraining a Schoolmaster. Is your horse on the aids? Trot. 10 meter cir...

Can you retrain a schoolmaster?  Why not? Now you can watch what happens as Cheryl West discovers what having Comet (21 yr. rescued Rhinelinder) in front of the aids really feels like as I add the metronome"

These are the topics that we discussed. I added a metronome so that the rider, Cheryl West would be more aware of Comet's rhythm.  This made it easier to keep him in front of her aids and connected.

10 meter Circle.  How to ride one.

Metronome to keep rhythm

Four corners of a circle

Front of saddle pointed in

Rising trot allows more freedom for rider and horse

Outside rein  and leg to inside rein and  leg.  Use leg yield to check.

Shorten length of outside rein until horses shoulder starts to lift

Check that your outside seat bone feels like it is coming through your outside elbow

Point your belly and the front of the saddle in the direction you want your horse to go towards

Praise the horse often.

Breath through your belly

Eyes up. Look where you are going.

Shoulder in.  Size of 10 meter circle.  Can you keep the rhythm?

Is your horse stretching down and in?

Is your horse tracking up?

Which tip are you going to try?  Let us know how it works for you!