Friday, July 22, 2016

Magic Square. Straightness, Pirouettes and more amazing changes Dressa...

"The Magic Square.  Improve your straightness and connection with this amazing Horse and Rider Awareness technique!  2 new riders of 2 levels show you how it makes a difference in their riding"

This is Cheryl West of the West Equestrian Services and Training in Sand Springs (Tulsa area) Oklahoma  She is riding Comet, a 21 yr old rescued Rhinelander.  Our other rider is Jr. rider Marjorie, riding  Eclipse off track appendix TB who is 19 years.  Both of the riders have been watching or working with me this week and this was the last ride that I was able to film.  In this video you will see how the magic square can be used to keep a horse on the wall (or straight) on a lower level horse and how it can also be used to improve the quality of a walk pirouette.

Can you see how the Magic Square can make a difference in your training?