Sunday, July 24, 2016

Retraining a Schoolmaster. Is your horse in front of the aids walk/trot? How do you know?

"Is your horse really in front of your aids?  Now you can see how to use a metronome to know.... Watch what happens with Cheryl West-Master Instructor and her rescued dressage horse Comet (age 20) as we go over the basics of reconnecting a horse and rider"   

These are the topics that we discussed... (Yes, just in this video!) Adding the metronome for rider awareness of rhythm and if horse is in front of the riders aids or not.

Rising vs sitting trot. Which one should you do? 

Is your horse "Stepping up from behind into connection" of your reins?

Ask your horse to step up with the inside hind to an "alive" rein on inside. When you get the horse to step up to one side, praise them than switch sides.

When does your horse drop the connection?

Frame of rein and aids. What does that mean?

From back to front

Side to Side

How do you know if your horse is on the outside rein and leg?

Leg yield for checking outside reins and legs.

Front of the saddle should be pointed in on curves 

Mini stretches. Can your horse do them on both sides?

Keeping connection with rhythm of the gait. Metronome.

Bring your inside seat bone towards the horses inside ear.

Lunge line to feel what that size circle should feel like for the rider and horse.

What did you discover from watching this Horse and Rider Awareness Video that will make a difference in how you are asking your horse to stay connected with you?