Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is your horse in front of the aids? Check out this easy technique to kn...

"Did you know... that when a horse is in "front of the riders aids (connected from the back to the front) that the base of the horses neck gets thick?" Now you can watch this blast from the past to see how this concept brought Trudy and Ani to a new level of connection"

In this session we continue with Trudy teaching Ani how to stay on "contact". Before this Ani was ridden on a loose rein. This is new for Ani and like most horses she is not sure what is happening. In this session you will see how Trudy and Ani connect better when Ani is “thick in the base of her neck. (I was thrilled to be able to film this part of the training process as many riders have never seen what happens with a horse and rider going to the next level)

The next time you ride try this on your horse. Can you feel the difference in the connection when they are thick in the base of their necks?