Friday, August 26, 2016

Keeping a horses focus and head position... when it doesn't want to. Wal...

"My horse throws its head up in the trot walk transitions. What am I supposed to do? How can I keep my horses focused and soft to my rein connection?"
This happens to so many riders. It is a common challenge that can be solved by understanding the Steps to Connection. Now you can watch this Blast from the Past to show what I did with Trudy and Ani to keep them connected with the walk trot transitions and the different trots. Ani was still new to being on contact/on the aids/on the bit/in front of the aids at the time of this filming. . Like most horses that are new to this level of connection she is not sure what she should be doing when Trudy takes up the contact. Now you can see what we did with the walk trot transitions and changes of gait at the trot to help her understand how to stay connected.
Does this give you a better idea of how you can ask your horse to stay more connected? Practice this Horse and Rider Awareness technique and tell me how it works for you.