Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Trots. Half Halts in the Shoulder In's and Travers. S4 dressage

"The magic of adding half halts to the shoulder in and Travers (haunches in) a the trot"

In this session we focus on half halts at the trot. Our goal is to make sure that Beau is responding to Susan as she asks him to "round up" and re connect in a new balance that they need for 2nd level. The trick for most riders  who are going through this change of "levels" is to keep their horses in balance for that lateral work with the horses poll the highest point and their strides staying long instead of getting shorter. The good news is that I have captured this moment of the training process on video! Now you can see a real rider (not a pro) who is working through the same issues that you will probably have as you move your horse up the levels and into a new balance and connection.