Friday, February 20, 2015

Half Halts and Turn Around the Haunches. Staying connected! Dressage t...

"It's time to add the half halt to the turn around the haunches.  watch what happens on this video"

Susan and Beau continue to show us their training progress. Beau is now more willing and we are asking him to stay connected and balanced at 2nd level. To do this we have become very focused on the correctness of the half halts in any of the movements he is doing. Now you can watch the progress we are using to refine the turn on the haunches with the half halt. During this session Susan also become aware of when Beau was "dropping to the inside" This is when he was not between her lateral aids. To isolate what needed to be done Susan practices riding Beau's shoulders. 

Are you riding the turn on the haunches yet? How does this video help you to understand them better?