Friday, February 27, 2015

1st Level Dressage Canters. Working, lengthening. Transitions to Trot....

"Would you like to improve the quality of your canter for dressage?  (or in any riding discipline that requires a balanced horse)"

In this session we focus on improving the quality of the canter by thinking of the leap in the gait. To do this, we are adding half halts and shoulder ins.  This balance is new to Beau and he is not very excited about having to shift back like he will need to for his 1st level canter work. Susan Faulkner Evans can feel when he is in the right balance by feeling if his back is up or down. The good news is that Beau started purring (a sign he was relaxed and using his back)  his trot also got better as a result.

Is your horse ready to canter in a different balance?  What did you learn from watching this video?