Monday, August 10, 2015

The Floating Trot. What if you could teach your horse how to do it? S4...

"The magic of creating a "floating trot" with your horse"  Have you always admired those horses who seem to float across the ring?  Some of them seem to be so natural at it... until you add the rider.  Now you can see what Susan is doing with Beau to keep his trot "floaty" in their warm up work"

Not every horse can do the "floating trot".  Some never will and others, like Susan's horses, are learning how to do it.  Basically it happens when the horse is "on the aids" (in front of the leg, self carriage, round, packaged on the bit) It might take a few years to get there, but for those who love training their horses to this level is is a great accomplishment. When a horse is "floating" their back is up and they are stepping up more from behind with their back feet.  As a result their balance shifts and their backs come up and their shoulders rise.  This is when the horse is moving with even strides from both the back feet and the front. Now you can watch what I do with Susan and Beau.  As you will see, we are adding this "floating" to everything that they are now doing in the trot work. This might be the 2nd session where we have really focused on this balance and activity (from behind)

Do you have a better understanding of the "Floating trot" after watching this video?  Are you ready to try it on your horse?  We love your feedback so please let us know what you think and how this works with your horse.